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Hot Water Savings Calculator
Water Heater Characteristics
Physical Thermal
Diameter (feet) Water Inlet Temperature (Degrees F)
Capacity (gallons) Ambient Temperature (Degrees F)
Surface Area (calculated - sq ft)  Hot Water Temperature (Degrees F)
Effective R-value Hot Water Usage (Gallons per Day)
Energy Use
Heat Delivered in Hot Water (BTU/hr)
Heat loss through insulation (BTU/hr)
Gas vs. Electric Water Heating
Gas Electric
Overall Efficiency
Conversion Efficiency 0.98
BTU/hr Power Into Water Heater BTU/hr 


$/Therm Utility Rates $/kWh
$ Yearly Water Heating Cost $
Do Alternative Energy Measures Make Sense?
Alternative Measure Cost: $ Percentage Solar: 
years for gas Payback Time for Alternative Measure years for electric