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How much will it cost?

At Airforce Heating and Airconditioning your hot water system will depend on the model, the size of the system and the type of water heater you are replacing.

Airforce Heating and Airconditioning has a variety of water heaters to suit all Calgary families. The type of model appropriate for your home depends on several factors, including how many bathrooms, your hot water usage and how many people are in your home.

Check which Water Heater is right for your home.

The cost of a hot water heater depends on the hot water rebates and incentives which may be applicable to the installation. For more information on rebates and incentives.

You can book your FREE in home Smartcheck solar suitability consultation. A qualified Airforce Heating and Airconditioning technician will come to your home to help you select the model that best suits your family.